Virtual Reality

Hey Guys!
Welcome to my very first post and today I will not be talking about virtual reality as you all might be knowing the basic concept of virtual I will be telling you something that is going to shake your heads.

Immortality.! is it possible?                                                                                                     Computers are now sufficiently advanced and miniaturised that billions of them can be implanted within the brain. Advances in neuroscience, in parallel with these and other developments, have led to a new form of simulation known as full immersion virtual reality.                                                                                                                    seriallysectionedbrain

There is talk about using nanotechnology as a means of allowing us to push beyond the boundaries of the human body and enter into the digital world. You would become one with the virtual environment. Your brain would be uploaded into a computer system or network which would mean immortality but how much of this is science fiction rather than hard facts?

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