IOT:Glimpse Of Future

IOT  is one of the most trending  subjects and definitely one of the most interesting topics.well starting with What actually IOT is ?                                                         IOT is seamless combination of embedded intelligence, ubiquitous connectivity, and deep analytical insights that creates unique and disruptive value for companies, individuals, and societies…

Sometimes I wonder how the future would be with IOT and here is what I think it will look like:

Transparent  : Digital identity for every human, creature, and object…                     Everybody and everything is traceable and trackable.                                                        Dynamic  : Most everything is direct – intermediaries are gone.                                          Most everything is real time – information, decisions, actions .                                  Predictive, with an ecosystem that anticipates and responds to its environment Autonomous   :Objects communicate with each other without humans and act independently.                                                                                                                                  Unified  : Analog and digital world merge, with seamless experiences across both. Everything can access everything else remotely .                                                                      Sharing becomes predominant mode of use.


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