Conversational System:

Conversational System :The name itself talks everything about this technology.Well defining what actually it is :  A dialog system or conversational agent (CA) is a computer system intended to converse with a human, with a coherent structure. Dialog systems have employed text, speech, graphics, haptics, gestures and other modes for communication on both the input and output channel.

In short conversational systems interact with people through language to assist, enable, or entertain.


Digital communication has evolved significantly and is expected to become more ‘human like’ as it continues to mimic more aspects of natural human behavior. Computers with conversational capabilities are increasingly becoming a reality today. This is a huge leap from keyboard and mouse dominated human-device interaction or the ‘touch and swipe’ actions we use on screen today. Most computer-human interactions are already powered by text messaging through simple intuitive commands. In the near future, we will go from screen-based interfaces to intangible ones such as gesture and voice-based interfaces.

In future, in the conversation interface arena, the focus will shift from chatbots and microphone-enabled devices to the digital meshes that will encompass a wide range of endpoints. Later, we’ll observe a greater cooperative interaction between devices, creating a path for a new ambient digital experience

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