Digital Twin:

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Digital twin : when I read this term first time I was very curious to know about this term Not many of us know about this concept so I just want to throw some light on this topic.

Until the beginning of the 21st century, the only way to gain detailed information about the status of any operating industrial equipment was to be in physically proximity and have the ability to inspect it. Today, increased computing power and connectivity are making it possible to virtualise this task by creating and maintaining a digital representation, or “digital twin”, of any piece of real equipment, and thus of any plant or engine.


Digital twin refers to a dynamic software model that uses sensor data to understand its state. It responds to the changes accordingly and improves its operations. They include a combination of metadata, state, event data, and analytics. It has been predicted that within 3-5 years, hundreds of millions of things will be represented by digital twins. They’ll be used for planning and repairing equipment services, for operating factories and increasing the efficiency. They’ll replace the combination of skilled human resources and traditional monitoring devices.

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