10 Most dangerous Malware:

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As we know more and more devices are now connecting to internet and with this rises the concern of security.This post is not about some technology but to make you all familiar with some dangerous malware that can cripple your device.I read about these malware and felt like sharing these with you all .

Top 10 Most Dangerous Malware:

  1. Conficker: Worm that enabled remote operations and malware download
  2. Sality: Virus that allows remote operations and downloads additional malware
  3. Locky: Spreads mainly via spam emails with disguised downloader
  4. Cutwail: Botnet used to send spams and take part in DDoS attacks
  5. Zeus: Trojan used to steal banking information
  6. Chanitor: Installs malicious payloads on infected machines
  7. Tinba: Banking trojan
  8. Cryptowall: Ransomware that uses AES encryption and conducts C&C communication over TOR
  9. Blackhole: Exploit kit that uses browser and plugin security flaws
  10. Nivdort: Bot that’s used to steal passwords and modify setting.

Hope you guys got some useful information about dangerous  malware.This post though is not a science or tech. topic but is a concerning topic when it comes to security of systems. So,I decided to write a post on it.Hope you guys liked it.

Thank You.